Sunday, October 16, 2016

Love me, Don't Leave Me Rescue by Melanie Sanchez

Madera, California

"A case of animal cruelty in Madera County had Animal control officers seize more than 25 animals from a backyard last Friday. The animals belonged to a local rescue." exert

"Had about an inch full of feces they were wallowing in, no shade, no nothing-- it was awful," said Kirsten Gross, Director Madera County Animal Services.

More than 25 animals were living in filth instead of clean, comfortable, spaces. The dogs were kept in small crates, with no food or water. Neighbors said they assumed it was just a rescue that became overwhelmed.

"It might have just gotten out of hand. She might have had good intention in the beginning, and it spiraled out of control," said Niko Pehl, Neighbor.

Rescuers said this may not be a simple hoarding case-- officers had contacted the rescue's leader, Melanie Sanchez, multiple times. On Facebook they said she lied about her group being a non-profit and provided a fake EIN number

"They've always got a good story on there. It might not be valid, might just be a way for them to absorb money to their own pocket and not care for the animals at all," said Gross.

Before moving to a home along Camden Drive the rescue squatted in an abandoned house until they were evicted. It also turns out Sanchez had been arrested before.

"She's been hiding things, so after time, you know, there's something bad going on here when she can't come forth and let us be part of the saving of these animals." said Gross. exerts

For full article containing even more info click this link

Second Chance Ranch by Kristina Foss aka Kaufmann

In Wisconsin

Public Court Records from the following link below

Birth DateCase Number
Kristina M Foss12/1/19902012TR001032
Kristina Marie Foss12/1/19902013FA000061
Kristina M Foss12/1/19902013CV000100
Kristina M Foss2014SC000065
Kristina Foss2014SC000118
Kristina Foss2015SC000082

Gentle Hands Rescue and Rehabilitation by Kristina Bludau

Gentle Hands Rescue and Rehabilitation in Wisconsin ran by KristinaBludau
People have been trying to warn people about them for sometime now as she smelled a rat. They pulled a paralyzed dog from San Antonio and then dumped her with the foster who returned her to the rescue and now they pulled poor Rocko who is deaf and blind and dumped him at a terrible vet who was going to euthanize him. While a legit rescue has stepped into try to save Rocko he still isn't even eating.   How she could board a sick senior at a vet's office but not provide vet care is animal cruelty in itself...let's not forget she also transported in box truck.

She has other dogs still stuck in boarding.  After rescue people hounded her, she finally got 9 of them out but refused paid transport help that was offered cause she knew no legit transport would transport dogs in that condition. She had them transported from Texas to Wisconsin in the back of a moving truck.  This method of transporting dogs is illegal and unsafe per the USDA.  More info to come including names of others involved.  DO NOT let her pull anymore dogs. 

Dracary's Bengals by Ashley Nicole Miller, also see Pitties and Kitties

Family Dog by TCM

Hi friends of animals: it brings me no pleasure to report to you that disgraced and fired former Fitchburg Animal Shelter manager Amy Leach (who was known as Amy Egeland at the time) has started a FB page called "Family Dog by TCM." This is worrying because Leach with her partner Sean Stanton are currently facing felony animal abuse charges in the Worcester courts and part of the conditions imposed on them during this pre-trial period is that they have NO contact with any animals (these two appear to have five large dogs currently). If you look at this page, it is clear they are looking to set up business -- or may be "in business" currently -- in the field of animal care. You can read more about these two at:…/massachus… Please SHARE with other animal advocates. This is very disturbing.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Pups by Vincent LoSacco

"BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. — Embattled Just Pups owner Vincent LoSacco is auctioning off more than 450 dogs, including mothers with their puppies, in Missouri next week.
Southwest Auction Service & Marketing will auction off 30 pure breeds and 12 cross breeds of dogs, including 37 bichons frises, 24 golden retrievers, and 23 toy and miniature poodles. Mother dogs and their puppies will be sold together." 
"LoSacco and his Just Pups stores have been at the center of controversy for months since inspectors found three dead dogs inside a freezer at the chain’s East Brunswick location in February. LoSacco faces 267 counts of animal cruelty from the NJSPCA in connection with that inspection.
Police found 67 puppies in near-freezing temperatures in a van outside the Just Pups Paramus store early in the morning April 3. Some of the dogs were crammed three or four to a cage and couldn’t stand up, police said, and some were covered in urine and feces.
Authorities said LoSacco’s brother Leonard drove the dogs from LoSacco’s puppy farm in Missouri and left the dogs in the van for hours. It was 38 degrees inside the van when the police found the dogs.
LoSacco and his brother were each charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty stemming from the Paramus incident." both from this link. Please click link for full article with all the info and more